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Google Cloud Creative Director Philip McDougall

Production Company: Nexus Studios
Director: Felix Massie
Creative Director: Deborah Casswell
Executive Producer: Colin Davis
Senior Producer: Rob York
Production Manager: Annika Bauer and Connie Black
Creative Technologist: Charles Yarnold

CG Lead: Mark Davies and Joao Rema
Art Director: Matt Oxborrow
Design: Sarah Deane, Pat Grivet, and Cat Finnie
Storyboards: Morgan Ritchie
3D Modelling, Lighting and Rendering: Andy Spence, Clementine Frere, Tom Martin-Davies, Benoit Berthe Siward, Dorianne Fibleuil, Jerome Ferra, Mighty Nice
Rigging: Mighty Nice and Lea Georges

3D Animation Lead: Clement Fassler
3D Animation: Ines Pagniez, Edwin Leeds, Pierre Plouzeau, Julien Loth, Alex Alabadi, and Lea Arachtingi
2D Compositing: Chris Gavin
3D Compositing: Ken Hau, Valerie Guichard, Chris Glew, and Hugo Vieites Caamano
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