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Spotlight Stories - Rain or Shine (2016)
360° V.R. Short


It's a perfect summer day in London; the sun is shining, the birds are singing, there's a spring in everybody's step, and Ella is determined to wear her new sunglasses. What could possibly go wrong?

Making Of

Sound Special


Rain or Shine is Nexus' interactive 360° mobile VR short film made for Google Spotlight Stories. Directed by Felix Massie, Rain or Shine follows Ella, a charismatic young girl who loves being outside in the sunshine, but whenever she puts her sunglasses on all loveliness disappears - her very own raincloud appears above her head and showers her with unwanted rain. The story warmly illustrates Ella’s frustration in wanting to enjoy her day in the sunshine, and follows her amusing but futile attempts to dodge the rain.

Rain or Shine is the most recent release in an acclaimed series of award-winning shorts from Google Spotlight Stories. Other Spotlight collaborators include Oscar-winning director Patrick Osborne (Pearl, Feast), Disney legend Glen Keane (Duet, Aladdin, Lion King) and Jan Pinkava (Windy Day, Ratatouille). Rain or Shine is available now on the Google Spotlight Stories app , YouTube Kids and also on YouTube . Rain or Shine achieves a new level of interactivity in Google Spotlight Stories and is regarded as their most interactive short yet. Through 'gaze based interaction' the viewer is able to subtly alter how the narrative unfolds according to how they choose to view it. Sound design and music is integral to the film's narrative. Being non-dialogue, the rain, the city and its inhabitants are all communicated through a bespoke interactive musical score, created by long-time Nexus collaborators Brains and Hunch.

About Google Spotlight Stories

Google Spotlight Stories is where storytelling and mobile VR meet. With these 360-degree, interactive stories, your phone becomes a window to a world all around you. The sensors on your phone allow the story to be interactive; when you move your phone to various scenes, you are able to unlock mini-stories within the story. Each time you watch it, you discover something new.

Also available on Cardboard!