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Google Cloud screens at the Davos WEC (2019)


During the Davos World Economic Forum 2019, Google Cloud wanted to show off how their technology was used around the world for lots of different purposes. Forming part of an interactive international train station experience, we created 30 (thirty!) short GIF style case study animations to accompany written text explaining the various ways the world benefitted from AI and Cloud services.


Client: Google Cloud
Production Company: Nexus Studios
Director: Felix Massie
Senior Producer: Jo Bierton
Production Manager: Connie Black and Electra Fotopoulou
2D Lead: Dylan White
Art Director: Matt Oxborrow
Design: Sarah Deane and Patricia Grivet
Storyboards: Morgan Ritchie, Adam Beer, Sarah Jones, and Gabriel Schucan

2D Animation: Olly Montagu, Chris Cray, Alex Bernas, Giacomo Autili, Sheetal Thankey, Andreia Serrano, Natalia Bedrossian, Iris Abols, Michael Towers, Bianca Beneduci Assad, and Mark Abbott

2D Compositing Chris Gavin, Andy Hague, Victoria Jardine, and Jeremy Carlen