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Google Cloud booth at the Davos WEC (2019)


During the Davos World Economic Forum 2019, Google Cloud wanted to show off how their technology was used around the world for lots of different purposes. We created Sam! She sits in an interactive ticket booth and enthusiastically explains three different examples with the help of her little peg people friends.

The ticket booth in action...


Google Cloud Creative Director Philip McDougall

Production Company: Nexus Studios
Director: Felix Massie
Creative Director: Deborah Casswell
Executive Producer: Colin Davis
Senior Producer: Rob York
Production Manager: Annika Bauer and Connie Black
Creative Technologist: Charles Yarnold

CG Lead: Mark Davies and Joao Rema
Art Director: Matt Oxborrow
Design: Sarah Deane, Pat Grivet, and Cat Finnie
Storyboards: Morgan Ritchie
3D Modelling, Lighting and Rendering: Andy Spence, Clementine Frere, Tom Martin-Davies, Benoit Berthe Siward, Dorianne Fibleuil, Jerome Ferra, Mighty Nice
Rigging: Mighty Nice and Lea Georges

3D Animation Lead: Clement Fassler
3D Animation: Ines Pagniez, Edwin Leeds, Pierre Plouzeau, Julien Loth, Alex Alabadi, and Lea Arachtingi
2D Compositing: Chris Gavin
3D Compositing: Ken Hau, Valerie Guichard, Chris Glew, and Hugo Vieites Caamano